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We are a vintage motorcycle shop in Glendale, CA that offers clean, reliable 70’s Honda CB series motorcycles, be it a fully stock restoration, or a custom cafe build. Whether this is your first bike or if you are an experienced rider who is simply tired of the sterile world of new motorcycles, we have what you are looking for: head turning classics with a warranty to ensure reliability, free on-call advice, and an exclusive repair facility devoted entirely to our riders. Give us a call and make an appointment to stop in and visit the shop.




What’s so great about old Honda’s?

There is something inexplicable about these machines. Something about the way they sound and the energy they create around you, and most importantly, the effect they have on others. At practically every stop light someone rolls down the window to say “Hey what year is that??” or simply “Nice bike!! My dad had one!” It’s not like riding a purely clinical new motorcycle or a sterile, cookie-cutter sport bike, or even a vintage bike of a different make! Hondas have a kind of spirit, character and history all their own, which is probably what drew you to them in the first place.

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Please no parts inquiries. We do not sell parts of any kind.


Please no parts inquiries. We do not sell parts of any kind.
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